Plexiglass Window/Glass Shield-Commercial barrier Protection

At Reliable Choice painters and drywall we are here for help you find solutions of protecting your work spaces as well as providing personal barriers and guards between customers and worker at various business location, outlet or commercial properties.
Acrylic Plexiglass is the most affordable right choice to fabricate or customize/design personal barriers or shield.We can customize your product to suit your space, either at a grocery store, office, restaurant, point of sale location, banks etc.

COVID-19 Virus Epidemic

Acrylic Plexiglass is also very ideal in maintaining social distancing considering the current COVID-19 virus epidemic. Safety of workers and Customers must be a priority to minimize the spread of the current epidemic.

We can customize yourproduct to suit your space, either at a grocery store, office, restaurant banks etc.

Plexiglass is durable, tough and light weight with very good optical clarity.Acrylic Plexiglass is one of the oldest synthetic material still in commercial production and used for various application that includes windows, barriers, aquarium, picture frames, shields with bullet proof resistances etc. Furthermore, Plexiglas is less expensive and much more durable than glass and can be transformed into various shapes and design.


Characteristics of Acrylic Plexiglass and Benefits.

AcrylicPlexiglass has various characteristic that makes it very suitable to use as a barrier shield.

    • Acrylic Plexiglass is impactresistant.
    • Easy to clean and polish as needed.
    • Highly transparent and very durable.
    • Very light and not heavy to transport.
    • Can be cut and molded to various shapes.
    • Scratchresistant surface.
    • Weather and UV resistant.
    • Half the weight of glass and does not shatter orbreak like glass, it is shatter resistant.
    • Very rigid, crystal clear and will not warp or change colour.
    • Can be easily cut to size and molded as needed.
    • Can be used as a temporary shield or barrier protection and removed.

What are the uses of acrylic Plexiglass?

Acrylicplastic resembles glass but offer a better transparency and more than 50% lighter than glass. Common uses of Acrylic plasticincludeBarriers or shield at point of salelocation, grocery store, office, restaurant banks etc., also used for windows, aquarium, picture frames, display etc

Acrylic Plexiglass sizes and thickness-Our acrylicPlexiglass product is available in a broad range of thickness for various applications.

dimension thickness/sizes

0.06″ = 1.5mm
1/8″ = 3mm = 0.118″
3/16″ = 4.5mm = 0.177″
1/4″ = 5.5mm = 0.217″
3/8″ = 9mm = 0.354″
1/2″ = 12mm = 0.472″
3/4″ = 18mm = 0.709″
1″ = 24mm = 0.945″
1.25” = 30mm = 1.18”
1.5” = 38mm = 1.50”
2” = 50mm = 1.97”
3” = 75mm = 2.95”

This product covers a wide range of characteristics, while strength and durability can be considered as the main advantage and theability to use in a wide array of applications. In addition, Acrylic plexiglass is less expensive compared to glass or polycarbonate, easy to clean and scratch resistant.

Acrylic plexiglass is a much better alternative to glass. It is stronger and more transparent than glass and perfect for retail application as a barrier protection/shield. It is also much easier to move around orinstall. In addition, acrylic Plexiglass is shatter resistant and will not break into sharp pieces like glass, its a best alternative to glass for retail application…

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