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About Reliable Choice Painters and Drywall.

At Reliable Choice Painters & Drywall, we provide drywall services to builders, construction management companies, and developers. We also offer our services to building contractors, Investors, real estate customers, including residential and commercial clients.

Our goal is to deliver specialized and superior quality skilled service, in a timely manner and within your budget.

With over a decade of experience on various job sites, supported with our vast knowledge in this trade, fulfilling our contract obligation for all commercial and residential customers, in a professional, efficient and timely manner and within budget is always our priority.

We are fully committed to timely completion and professional care for our customers, that goes beyond just a project objective or expectation.

Our complete drywall construction services also include taping, sanding, metal/wood framing and foam insulation, while at the same time understanding all the various environmental conditions and factors necessary to consider in the process of installation, in order to achieve high quality finish.

Let us help bring your vision to life at a very competitive rate and within your budget for all your construction and renovation needs. Our professional team are available to work anywhere within the GTA, Western Ontario and London.

Our Complete Service


We offer specialized design service or floor plan specification for all commercial and residential customers/installation. Our wide range specialized application includes, fire rated drywall, regular or mold and water resistant boards, based on your project specifications or as needed. With a large team of highly skilled workers, our full service installation includes all  commercial and residential customers. We are here to serve you promptly, efficiently and within your budget.


Service your project with our very experienced and professional workers/installers in the industry, with various types of insulation application/supply such as blown-in insulation for your walls, fiberglass or cellulose for your building, ceiling, attic, basements or roofs. Proper professional Insulation does not only provide sound proofing and warmth but keeps your building/home or property cooler during the summer month and save on energy cost

Popular Types of Insulation

Mineral wool insulation application
This is made by melting down basalt stone and other types of recycled slag from steel then spun into fiber that can then be formed into batts or boards. Mineral wool has a specially designed product with fire-retardant qualities, with a melting point of over 1000°C. Mineral wood will not also absorb water, stays intact when wet. Therefore, if you have a leaking wall it will be as good as new when dry and it maintains its original form. It is also very easy to install in batches or when cut into various sizes.
Basement concrete wall insulation
Proper insulation of your basement can keep it comfortable and warm all year round. With the right type of insulation, your basement can stay warmer in the winter months by keeping cold from penetrating the walls. This helps lower your heating and cooling cost and it is also the perfect way to stop heat from leaking from basement floors and walls. This type of insulation is also a better vapour barrier. It is important you choose the proper type of insulation that will serve your project needs.
Spray Foam Insulation system
This is the new alternative to the traditional insulation and also considered the best choice for your commercial project or home. Immediately the foam is applied it expands and fill up all cracks, gaps, holes or crevices in the thermal envelope. This also prevents sound transfer to a minimal and will not shrink with time or get affected by mold. This type of insulation system is Highly recommended for builder/developers and contractors.
Call us today to visit your project and to assist you in making the right choice, while we are always happy to offer advice.


Framing, in construction or renovation is the fitting together of various pieces to provide structural support and shape. The most common framing material widely used is wood but metal framing is becoming more popular in construction or renovation. Choosing the specific type of framing required for your project will depend on the type of construction or code regulation as well. It is best to check with your local building authorities as per regulations, as well as to obtain any needed permits.

Note that there are various advantages that come from using the traditional wooden stud but the most important is listed below:

Wooden studs are more rigid and stronger than metal studs and can support heavier load and more weight. They can also be used on load bearing walls.

Wooden studs have a long-life span and are much are easier to cut to various sizes, shape or molded, compared to steel studs.

The reasons why some customers choose metal framing is listed below:

Steel studs will not rot and it is not also affected by moisture or humidity and also has a long lifespan. Therefore this presents an advantage and preference over wooden studs.
Affordability-More affordable than wood and cheaper. You can save you a lot of cost on your project compared to wooden studs.

Weight-Steel studs weigh less than wood and light in weight and easier to work with without maintenance. Well preferred for high rise construction project as it cuts down significant weight issues experienced in the past on this type of construction.

Not subject to fire or termites or any type of bugs, it is fireproof. Typically, resistant to fire and will not burn compared to wooden frames that act as fuel for fire.

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Regardless of the type of service you choose, we can help bring your vision to life on every single project. If you are a builder or developer, investor, homeowner or contractor that needs our service, please get in touch with us to find out more about our competitive rates, professional services and 

We are commitment to ensuring your project is a success….



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